Commercial Plumbing Company Builds Successful Property Strategy


A fast-growing owner-operated commercial plumbing company was sharing space in the West Side of Los Angeles. It serviced major commercial developers and office building owners. They were initially without a long term lease and were sharing a facility with another contractor in a site that was less than ideal. The owners of commercial plumbing hired Apex Commercial and Arnold Ng to assist them in analyzing options, including the purchase option of a commercial building within a 10 mile radius.

“My client’s goals were to remain very conservative and to take on very little debt, and they also wanted to build equity. We were able to locate a bank-owned commercial building that was at the time very affordable,” says Arnold Ng, President of Apex. “My client took that building and built it into a fully modern office building; modifications included putting in a new facade and a whole new image to the property. It has gone up in value substantially in only a few years because of the work that he has done.”

Apex Commercial Real Estate Inc. helps private owners, investors and mid market firms to succeed.  We bring a higher level of professionalism, knowledge and expertise to our clients adding to their winning team without adding to overhead.  For more information visit

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