Answer: Our focus is working with private owners or investors and mid-market companies that are typically under-served by the large public commercial brokerages focused on institutional clients, or the residential real estate firm that does an occasional commercial transaction.

As a focused company with “best-in-class” partners, we bring large company expertise in commercial and industrial real estate to our clients and the ability to deliver better more attentive service and support. We have the experience and flexibility to tailor our solutions to your unique needs.

Licensed since 1990, Apex Commercial Real Estate has strived to be more responsive and attentive to mid-market commercial and industrial real estate needs.

Answer: We know that the commercial real estate industry is very competitive, and our service is set to meet that challenge. We strive to provide exceptional value to our clients with competitive fees that fit your satisfaction with our work.

Answer: It all depends on you. Whether you need guidance every step of the way or just need several questions answered, we tailor our service to you. We value your relationship above all.

Answer: What makes us different is the value we add to our clients and our alignment with our client’s objectives. Not driven by stack rankings or quarterly results, we take the time to help you navigate through complex commercial real estate challenges, patiently helping you to succeed. We are willing to tell you things you may not want to hear but need to hear in order to be successful. Please, don’t take our word for it – read our clients’ own words. Let’s meet and talk about your commercial or industrial real estate needs, and see for yourself how Apex Commercial Real Estate can help you.

Answer: Success means that our clients meet their business goals. Those goals, of course, differ from client to client – one client may need to dispose of space to increase cash flow while another wants to terminate his lease and build equity through acquisition. Our job is to understand your objective then bring all of the resources to bear to help you reach your goals.

Answer: Give Apex Commercial Real Estate a call at (310) 714-9500 or send us an email. Meet us and let us know what you need to get done. Let us know the challenge you are facing and – let Apex show you what a true, client-focused business can do for you.