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Read our Case Studies of real estate deals for mid-market businesses:

Case 1: Middle Market Client – Warehouse

The Challenge: A B2B mid-market firm required additional warehouse space to handle increased demand and will call pick up. Property needed to be near its headquarter location for efficiency, cost effectiveness, and ease of customer access. A limited supply of inventory and the need for a specific geographic focus required a concentrated effort to uncover potential properties that could be acquired at an attractive price.

Solution: We successfully pulled together a detailed marketing plan to locate suitable options that met the functional, cost and locational requirements, including high ceiling clearance and an open floor space. We negotiated and successfully obtained an appropriate property, helping the firm on continued growth path without loss of sales and revenues.

Case 2: Middle Market Client – Medical Practice

Challenge: A local medical professional was notified that the building he was leasing from was being sold and that he needed to relocate in the middle of his lease term. The client needed to negotiate a buyout provision and identify suitable options for a smooth relocation, as to not inconvenience his clients. The buyout provision needed to cover direct and indirect costs of relocation, minimizing the financial impact to his practice.

Solution: After extensive analysis, including cost estimates, we found a location that met the specific requirement of the practice partners, including the need for… We secured favorable terms for the practice, which involved extensive negotiations for the location and working with property managers and attorneys.

Case 3: Property Owner – Manufacturer

Challenge: A major mid-market equipment manufacturer needed to close a 50,000 square foot plant. The new CEO needed to prepare the site for the market quickly, in addition to determining its best value.

Solution: Within three months/weeks, we located a suitable party who would take over the remaining terms of the lease and assume the responsibilities of the master lease. We negotiated a sublease agreement and protected our client’s interests. Our client successfully moved to a smaller location while obtaining cash flow from their previous space.

Case 4: Middle Market Client – Manufacturer

Challenge: A local mid-market mattress manufacturing firm wanted to build equity and obtain a more functional location within same geographic market to retain key employees. Local requirements included access to ample public transport and freeway access. The highly competitive manufacturing environment required a cost effective functional space with specific yard, loading, and power features.

Solution: A final location was selected within six months, fitting our client’s time sensitive needs, with enough time allowance to prepare the site for the transition. The location met the transportation needs of manufacturing employees and even received favorable incentives due to enterprise zoning in that particular city.

Case 5: Middle Market Client – Staffing Firm

Challenge: A local professional staffing services firm serving the middle market wanted to release capital from a real estate investment to put back into their business. They also needed to negotiate a new, more cost-effective location, while remaining in the existing location, with little time lag in between.

Solution: After extensive market research, we found a perfect location that fit our clients’ needs, including an open office space plan. At the same time, we negotiated a sale-leaseback transaction that allowed the firm to continue operating in the building for the period right before relocation, which provided cash flow relief.

Case 6: Middle Market Non-Profit Client

Challenge: A major non-profit firm needed to lease a location for a retail space, with specific features to fit its proposed business model, including a particular traffic count and close to specific types of businesses. Although a good space was located that the clients liked, negotiations were particularly difficult because every aspect of responsibility and liability needed to be adjusted in a custom lease, per the requirements of the original owners.

Solution: We negotiated extensively with the owners in order to balance the interests, rights and responsibilities of both parties. We reached the final lease agreement after 10 rounds of negotiations. The location has since become a successful revenue generator for our client.

Case 7: Investor

Challenge: A private investor/owner’s family was faced with the daunting challenge of assuming responsibility for a major portfolio of commercial real estate after a major life event. The properties were in various conditions of repair and stages of lease/ownership. The family needed the objective analysis of an experienced commercial real estate expert.

Solution: After our extensive review of their portfolio, the family ultimately decided to sell their assets. We were there with them as they transferred assets to one of the major tenants and helped them sell key components of the portfolio.

Case 8: Property Owner

Challenge: Two tenants occupied the property at terms which were unfavorable to client’s interest. Past rent needed to be collected. The tenants vacated and left the property in poor condition. This required preparing the property for market and obtaining the assistance of outside contractors in a competitive bidding situation. The final contractor was given a prioritized list of improvements and local oversight needed to be provided for the family trust. The property needed to be re-introduced and re-positioned in order to attract a broader market.

Solution: The re-positioning of the asset and reconditioning led to renewed interest in a slow real estate market. The final buyer was located through an open house and the transaction was consummated before the deadline to the satisfaction of the trust.

Case 9: Non-Profit Client

Challenge: A leading non-profit firm needed to open a new retail location in Los Angeles County where there is rapid gentrification in order to capture the market for their retail products. Limited inventory of buildings were available and in a strong market rates were rapidly rising.

Solution: Apex located a suitable property with significant parking, zoning and improvements to meet the needs of our client. The property was tied up for a period of two years, Apex was focused on helping our client to gain a position. The contract was negotiated and the store is due to open in a month.

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