Recommendation Letter from Torrance Commerce Center


To whom it Concerns

It is my great pleasure to right a letter of recommendation for Mr. Arnold Ng. We have had a continued business relationship since 2010. As the owner and operator of one of the nicest, most secured and biggest industrial parks in the South Bay, we are only as good as our tenants that occupy our space. Mr. Ng provides like-minded business professionals who fit our needs as future tenants. He is very selective in the process. Bringing to the table only qualified individuals that he feels will provide many years of residency.

Mr. Ng not only brings the highest quality tenants, but he does it without jeopardizing the price point we hope to obtain. With the premium product we offer, we also expect the pricing to be on the high end of the market. At no time has he asked or expected anything less. He prepared the client for this and they do not try to deal at anytime. To obtain this Mr. Ng has to set up the client every early on in his communication and sell the advantages of the complex. This is a process and takes strong persona skills that require the client to trust Mr. Ng, but also very stern n the pricing. I am confident that he treats all the commercial and industrial parks he represents the same.

Mr. Ng also has great communicating skills. is response rate is very good with any matter you may have. He also provides very in depth market research reports on the current condition of the market at any given time. As property owners this is very important to know where the market is and what is trending in order to make the right choices regarding our properties. Mr. Ng provides these very detailed reports that will only help your bottom line.

Something that I have noticed through the years is Mr. Ng will also assist you with matters that will not result in a commission for him. He is more interested in the long term relationship and is not concerned with offering assistance on a matter that will not provide a check form him, but more interested in keeping the people he represents happy and a continued positive long term relationship.

Mr. Ng is a man of integrity and devotion to his job and the people he does business with. His knowledge of the South Bay rental market is immeasurable. With the opportunity to rent your space or find you a rental space he will stop until he know you are 100% satisfied with the final product. This is a man you want on your team.

Darty Cronin
Owner, Torrance Commerce Center

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