Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Returns

Behind every closed transaction, lease or sale is hundreds of hours of concentrated effort, focus and negotiations skill to help my clients gain an advantage and level the playing field. My goal is both defensive and offensive, minimizing risk and maximizing returns.  My job is to advocate for my client’s interest and to bring market knowledge and experience to bear for the benefit of my clients who are busy growing their companies or managing their portfolios.

Being free from the pressures of quarterly returns, production targets and stack rankings allows me to be fully focused on client satisfaction.  The key formula for success is to be hands on, involved and active when it comes to managing a transaction or negotiations from start to finish.   The value proposition for mid market firms, owners and investors is being aligned with my clients interests and adding to their winning team without adding to overheads. In a way, I serve as their Director of Real Estate helping them to succeed in achieving their financial goals by implementing commercial real estate strategies which result in success.

Arnold Ng, CCIM
Apex Commercial Real Estate

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